Backend Server Engineer

  • Dev
  • Lahore, Pakistan

Backend Server Engineer

Job description

Do you enjoy tinkering with huge amounts of real-time data? Want to help build the future of interactive entertainment? 

This is no ordinary gig. As a Backend Server Engineer, you would need to spend time in VR, optimize your server-side as much as possible, and always think about the scalability of every module you develop.

To excel in this unfamiliar territory and make game-changing VR experiences, you should have:-

  • 4+ years experience with C# or another high-level language.
  • Experience with MySQL database administration and optimizations.
  • Experience with setting up Analytics server/API.
  • Experience with continuous integration and deployment tools.
  • Experience with seamless/automated build scripts used for release management across all environments.
  • Demonstrable experience with load balancing and server support.
  • Cloud infrastructure, especially GCP.
  • PLUS Good knowledge of contemporary competitive and cooperative multiplayer gaming, preferably Photon Server.


As a Backend Engineer, you will be expected to: 

  • Develop services to facilitate real-time gameplay and user profile management for game servers.
  • Co-develop the game server and data storage infrastructure
  • Develop administrative tools to monitor and alter settings on the game server.
  • Identify and develop tools, processes, and workflows that empower us to run a scalable, stable service that is able to absorb continual change with minimal disruption to players.
  • Administer and maintain optimal load balancing of all environments and application servers.
  • Proactively monitor all environments for performance.