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Game QA Expert

Job description

About Us:

Mega Particle is working in VR since 2014, and now developing social VR games for Facebook’s Oculus Quest. We love to provide a great experience to our players by giving them a enjoyable gameplay in a comfy and pleasant VR setting.

Mega Particle is #hiring! We are expanding our product team to keep growing one of the most popular Social VR apps. If you are into Games and VR, this might be for you.

About the role:

We require someone to be a part of our product team to make the gaming experience for our users completely bug-free. To do this, you should oversee the development teams that develop a code as per the best practices, a clean, readable, and reusable code. Work on what tests need to be performed before the game even moves outside our virtual office. Lastly, give a guideline to development teams to prepare good documentation so it can guide others who want to work with us.

Career Path

You can move forward in the Game Developer track and become QA team lead. You can also go down the certifications path to give credibility to your skills. Alternatively, you can move into product management, giving a voice to the customers within the development teams.


Minimum Qualifications:

We judge the candidates only on their skills and aptitude however a minimum of a university degree is preferred, especially in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/ Software Engineering.

Minimum Experience:

  • 2+ years of QA experience esp. in Game development or Server-Client Application.
  • Have exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Be passionate about VR, games and building an awesome product.
  • Have experience with and Ability to fully utilize remote working and coordination software like Slack and Jira.

Technical Skills:

  • Good understanding and experience with Unity3D and its tools for testing.
  • Strong command of coding practices esp. naming, spacing and annotation conventions
  • Strong concepts related to object-oriented programming.
  • Strong command over C# language, its standards and good coding practices.
  • Well equipped on dealing with the Unity framework
  • Ability to use digital tools to develop and automate QA as much as possible.
  • Experience working with API testing tools and techniques.
  • Experience with Server-side testing tools and techniques.
Knowledge & Skills:
  • High level of understanding of VR technology and industry.
  • Passionate about learning new technologies in the game development domain.
  • Excellent Documentation skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills (English)
  • Good presentation and negotiation skills
  • Good organizational and time management skills