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Mega Particle is hiring!

The company behind Poker VR


Currently we don't have any open positions.


Mega Particle is a Venture Capital backed startup, operating in San Francisco and Lahore, Pakistan. Mega Particle focuses on Social VR applications and games. Started in 2016, MP pioneered f2p in VR and our product has become one of the best performing social applications in VR. Mega Particle is a product focused company. You will be working on our main product from the get-go and will be a part of a small and highly effective team. 

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Poker VR is a social multiplayer game for Virtual Reality platforms, including Oculus Go and Oculus Quest. It is one of the most engaging and well-performing apps across all of VR, and offers unique features to enhance social presence and the game of poker, many of which are industry-firsts. Poker VR is a free to play poker game with no real gambling involved.

Poker VR